Im Dani G and Im the founder and designer of Oceans End.  We are a brand designed in Hawaii for the women with sass and class.  

We stand for the lovers, the fighters, the mothers, the artists, the hard workers.  With passion running through our veins, we are the strong women who were raised by strong women.

With connections all over the world we realized one thing that connects us all, the Oceans End.  Women remind me of water.  It can cleanse the soul but it can also destroy anything in its path.  But through its beauty we stand by it; to love it, to let it nourish us, to teach us, and to connect us. 

With every purse we want you to feel your beauty, your importance, and your worth.  Just like your heart, your purse is your most prized possession.  It holds things that aren't only important to you but things of necessity, and beauty.  So like your heart, your purse holds things that only you know and who you choose to show.  You are in control.  You are Oceans End.

xoxo, Dani G