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Our Throw back set inspired by the first bags that Oceans End ever came out with:  Fold over crossbody, wristlet and coin purse.  Our beautiful sets now have custom prints and inside mermaid lining drawn by Danielle G herself.

Fold over crossbody features a detachable strap, oversized tassel, zipper brass closure and magnetic closure and inside zipper pocket.  will be able to fit the coin purse.

wristlet includes strap already attached and an inside pocket.  It can fit your iphone, the coin purse and extras.

Coin purse is the cutest little pouch that will fit your ids, money and key, its the perfect addition to put in any of our Oceans Ends bags.

Purchase together as a set or purchase separately. 


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9" x 6" folded, 10" open

tassel 5", strap 47" adjustable


9" x 7" 

strap length 6.5"

Coin Pouch: 

5.5" x 4.5"